Nick Shen at JCINick Shen Weijun, winner of JCI Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World, is a Singaporean media personality with a huge heart and compassion to help others. 

He is an accomplished performer – an actor, a bilingual host, singer, radio DJ and theatre performer. Nick is well-versed in English, Mandarin and Chinese dialects, especially in Teochew.

Nick began his career as a drama and movie actor, singer and host. He won the Singapore Star Search competition after completing his acting course with MediaCorp, Singapore’s leading broadcasting company. Since then, he had garnered invaluable experiences as a media personality. Nick is currently hosting MediaCorp Capital 95.8FM on Friday evenings. He is also a faculty for the Singapore Media Academy’s Diploma Acting Workshop.
Whilst establishing his career as a media personality, Nick had relentlessly pursued his passion for the Chinese Opera.

His prolific work and his versatility as a media personality and in Chinese opera had earned him numerous accolades.

In 2014, Nick was awarded the Honouree Award for the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World – Singapore for the cultural achievement category.  He was the only winner selected from a pool of over 200 candidates, to represent Singapore in Germany to compete against other youths from more than 150 countries. In the following year, Nick was invited to be the judge for Singapore Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World grand finals. He was also elected to be the Vice President of Junior Chamber International, JCI Mandarin Chapter Singapore. He was awarded the Most Outstanding JCI Member that year.

Passion for Chinese Opera 

Nick has a deep affinity for the Chinese opera and is adamant to keep this traditional art form alive in Singapore. He believes that the Chinese opera is more than just a form of art. The stories portrayed in Chinese opera are very meaningful and steeped in moral values and life experiences. 

In 2011, Nick started his own company – Tok Tok Chiang as a platform to promote Chinese opera. Tok Tok Chiang has since been invited to partner with People’s Association to bring awareness of the Chinese opera to the Singapore public. It also works with several government ministries and statutory boards to plan and conceptualise cultural events and workshops on Chinese opera in schools, museums, libraries, and shopping centres. Some of its clients include the Ministry of Education, National Heritage Board and the National Library Board.

To make Chinese opera enticing to people especially the Singaporean youth, Nick has created a hybrid genre of traditional Chinese opera dance with western magic techniques. He conducts these performances in bilingual format, with supporting English subtitles on-screen while the troupes (including himself) are performing on stage with the original script and music in the respective dialects. 

Nick continues to work hard at perfecting this art form, developing new techniques and learning new skills. He is the first actor in Singapore to master the unique Chinese art of Mask Changing. Nick was under the tutelage of China’s professional Mask Changing Master Li Shuimin for two years, and started performing Mask Changing on stage since April 2013. He has since added Mask Changing to his hybrid genre of Chinese opera. His work has been featured in local and overseas media, including China Phoenix TV Station in 2015 and Taiwan Da Ai TV Station in 2014 and 2015. 

Nick is also the Creative Director for many Chinese opera performances. He collaborated with the National Heritage Board’s Wan Qing CultureFest and Night Under The Stars (2011 to 2016) as well as National Library Board’s Chinese Opera workshops. In 2014, he conceptualized a multi-racial Chinese Opera performance – the first in Singapore – with Malay and Indian friends for Shan You Counselling Centre, which garnered positive feedback from MP Dr Lily Neo and the audience. 

Do watch out for Esplanade Mid Autumn Festival in September 2016 where Nick will be the producer for the third consecutive year for Chinese Opera performances!

Public Performances 

Nick’s unique ability to relate and connect with everyone has made him a very popular host. 

He has hosted many community grassroot events as well as events involving the Bruneian royalties and foreign dignitaries from Spain, Peru and Mexico. In 2013, Nick had the special privilege to host and perform for the Late Minister Mentor Mr Lee Kuan Yew at the Singapore National Day and Birthday Celebration for Founding Father of Singapore. Nick has also hosted and performed in many charity projects and large-scale events that in the presence of VIPs such as President Tony Tan, former President SR Nathan, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, as well as numerous Ministers and Members of Parliament (MP). 

He also actively performs in many charity shows for organisations like the National Cancer Centre Singapore, National Kidney Foundation and President Star Charity. In December 2013, he performed the lead role in Tzu Chi’s Water Repentance stage musical with MP Mr Yeo Guat Kwang. He was also invited to perform in Taiwan and China by the director of Money & You, Professor Lin Wei Xian. He was selected by prominent local film director and producer Jack Neo to be his co-trainer in the Filmmaker’s Workshop in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. 

Community Service

Contribute to the building of the next generation of Singapore

In 2012, Nick had the privilege to be selected by MP Irene Ng to be a grassroot leader and committee member of the Community Arts and Culture Clubs in Tampines. He was also appointed by Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan to be the Singapore Youth Ambassador.

Besides organising workshops in local schools, Nick volunteers his time and expertise at the St. Andrew’s Junior College, Temasek Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Raffles Girls Secondary School students in their school projects. He also mentored students from the Singapore Management University’s Lee Kong Chian School of Business from 2013 to 2016. In 2015, Nick was invited to participate as a SG50 Groundwork Partner in the Pre-University Seminar 2015 jointly organised by St Andrew’s Junior College and the Ministry of Education. 

Nick is also an advisor for the Business Advisory Panel for PSB Academy in 2015 and 2016. He conducts school tours and the upcoming school tour in July 2016 will be for students from the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Raising awareness and funds for charitable organisations

Nick contributes to various charitable causes. He performs at and hosts to help raise funds and awareness for charitable events and organisations such as the Singapore Kindness Movement, National Cancer Research Centre, Republic Polytechnic, Tzu Chi, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See and the Singapore Buddhist Federation.

Ambassador for various organisations and campaigns

Nick is also the ambassador for various organisations and campaigns; namely the Singapore Kindness Movement, Singapore Youth, Anti-smoking, National Library, Singapore Heart Foundation, African Care Centre and Shan You Counselling Centre.

Nick hopes to inspire young people to help others. One such local cause that Nick is involved in is “Keeping Hope Alive” – a movement to provide much needed support to underprivileged families in Singapore living in 1-room government flats. In 2014 to 2016, Nick was appointed the “Keeping Hope Alive” Ambassador with a mission to create awareness for these families so that more people will come forward to help.

In the Singapore Kindness Movement event that promoted kindness, love, patriotism and filial piety, he organised a Chinese Opera performance with NTUC nEbO youths for the elderly from various nursing homes. It was a special event as the youth participants were performing for the elderly for the first time. 

In addition, Nick has been working with African orphans from Africa Care Centre (ACC) to conduct workshops in schools and raise funds through cultural performances from 2014 to 2016. He is in the ACC committee in – charge of media publicity and youth projects. In 2015, he led a group of Singapore students to Africa for volunteer work with ACC. Nick is organising another such project in December this year.

沈炜竣,2014 世界十大杰出青年。他凭借“《才华横溢出新秀》狮城之星男子组冠军”踏入演艺圈,观众被他俊朗活泼的外型和投入的演绎方式深深吸引。歌唱、主持、魔术表演、舞台剧……都难不倒努力不歇的他。

由于深受其籍贯潮州文化影响,他自幼就热衷于潮州戏曲这门逐渐被现代人淡忘的艺术,他的热忱和努力为他赢得了众多商家、学校、慈善机构、乡亲会馆的青睐。多年来,他在本土、香港、泰国、印尼、越南、中国大陆和文莱各界进行表演,并代表新加坡参与 2012年中国上海国际艺术节演出。




2012年,他的文艺表演获得淡滨尼选区国会议员伍碧虹女士赏识,特委任炜竣为淡滨尼基层领袖,负责与艺术文化组织联办新社区活动, 为人民构思文艺节目。


2013 年 和 2014 年,炜竣的事业获得一些长足进步。他被提名为世界十大杰出青年-新加坡荣衔。2014 年 4 月,他荣获世界十大杰出青年奖,文化荣誉成就奖。这几年也在本地导演粱志强的导演培训班中负责演绎课程,同时也联合主办新加坡传媒学院的演员训练班。

2013 年 8月很荣幸为新加坡国父李光耀先生主持国庆日和生日晚宴,同时呈现变脸表演。11月,他负责策划孙中山博物院的文化飨宴艺晚情活动,首次邀请新加坡国会议员马炎庆先生一起同台演出潮州戏。2013 年 12月他在慈济大型舞台剧《法譬入水》中演绎男主角—悟达国师,之后也受邀到台湾花莲慈济精舍与慈济证严法师分享参与过程。

2014年,炜竣被著名实践家知识管理集团董事长( Money & You)林伟贤博士邀请到中国大陆及台湾呈现十场文艺演出。他也安排策划善友辅导中心“子孙情,潮时代”的筹款活动,邀请马来和印度同胞一起呈现华族传统戏曲。在新加坡第一次呈现跨种族,跨文化的演出,获得许多正面的回应。炜竣也被选为 2014 年的新加坡行善大使,策划一些列礼貌运动和 ACC 非洲小孩的筹款活动。他也代表新加坡到德国和来自150多个国家的青年参加世界十大杰出青比赛,最后为新加坡得到世界十大杰出青年的荣誉奖项。

2015年,孙中山南洋纪念馆邀请炜竣的节目策划公司咚咚呛协助“星空下”一系列的节目。当中,他除了策划节目也担任当晚的主持人。他也受邀参加国庆日SG50 Sing Along 的一项活动。另外,炜竣再次在新传媒演员训练班的一个Diploma课程担任导师。除此之外他也在ACC当义工,陪伴非洲的小孩到新加坡中小学表演和主持。年底将会到非洲参与纪录片的拍摄。